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Clash Of Clans SNEAK PEEK 1 Inferno and Mortars get a Buff cool new look

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  1. so far changin the looks of the air defense is stupid its gonna cause confusion n theyre not prettier or anything supercell is so slow to update and theyre not doing anything like dont change the game at all or change it often with this sort of little updates. this update doesnt take half a year to make lol

  2. Wtf are those Air Defences?!?!?

  3. What is the thingy near the profile button?

  4. Can two lightning still take out a max mortar?

  5. You can now change the favourite target on infernos?

  6. From memory, a new mortar level used to mean new archer level.could be wrong though just a theory

  7. What did he say at 2:23? Blimps?

  8. Yey! New update!

  9. Clash of clans is dead. Shite game now.

  10. Nice

  11. I honestly think that the inferno tower needs a nerf more than a buff, as it is literally the most brokenly damaging defense in the game
    But hey, who cares. Everyones playing clash royale now

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  14. Those AD's look terrible to me but I seem to be in the minority.

  15. it's all about the money…

  16. supercell buffing defence, never

  17. visual changes look good ?

  18. Yay, dropping down cups and start farming up. I just love it. Thnx for the vid daddy!

  19. Second

  20. 2:49 look at the dark barracks,I think that's a new level for a new troop

  21. First