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  1. Just another nerf to barch. Congrats on your 40/40 heroes but the average player is th8.5 and that's a ton of dark yet to farm. Bring that additional dark drill you mention minimally

  2. honestly disappointed in this update and in you PB, I'm sure you don't like these changes which make attacks less complex and creative for th9s (seeing as you aren't a fan of spam attacks) but show it in a positive light to your audience which is very misleading.

  3. I understand that 1.5 damage was a killer for hogs but now no one can stop em it should be like when double giant bomb and the bomb from bomb tower all three should take out hogs

  4. where is pb ???? :-D

  5. Teslas level 9 is coming ?

  6. how u guyz get update before us

  7. How about a video rethinking or planning changes in your village to take profit from the new buildings?

  8. So how do we stop em'?

  9. when does this update happen ?

  10. pigs are back in game…

  11. Looks like bacon is back on the star menu!! Hawg raaiders!!

  12. Wow th9 destroyed :/

  13. hey PB what lvl was that bomb tower at the beginning of your vid?


  15. People need to quit complaining. Say what you will, but hogs have fallen out of competitive play. The current meta is all about heavy kill squads with 10-12 hogs at most for the backend. LaLo is much more common. The reason for this is because of all the recent increases to defensive damage, hogs just can't keep up. The DGB concept was outdated, and restricted base designers.. more skilled players could easily avoid a DGB location either way. This change is going to be much better because it essentially gives th9s a 5th giant bomb and an ability to defend against so much more. Centralize your queen if you want to avoid mass hogs; the attacker will need to invest at least one spell to get her, leaving you with 3 heals for 5 bombs + the already increased damage from defences… Won't be easy to steamroll. This change is going to make the game much better. And most important of all, this change is going to make hogs relevant at th10-11. I'm tired of all the boners.

  16. I appreciate you sticking to clash of clans videos. Everyone else has changed to clash Royal and Pokemon gay ass go. Keep the clash videos coming :)

  17. Triple giant bomb time!!! Hahahaaaaa….also now I have to farm gold again ffs

  18. People always find a reason to bitch? dope update so far

  19. I just had a chance to check comments for the first time. Some of them are pretty funny.

    Think about how you might tweak your base to defend against hogs… it's really not all that hard to do. Instead of moaning and groaning and calling me, someone who has already played this update for hours and hours, a SC cheeleader… perhaps realize that it may be more balanced than you might think. I mean I get why most of you who have watched 2 minutes of youtube videos and never played the update can definitively say something is OP or spam attacks are back or hog riders are ruined, etc. Maybe just wait until the update is out… and ya know… PLAY it. then make your judgments. The panic and hysteria that is far off base is a little tiresome.

    Of course if you leave today's bases up and expect to defend with them, you will get steamrolled. It isn't hard to make strategic adjustments to make it difficult for hogs.

    Maybe if you stay tuned into the channel, I'll show you how to do just that.

  20. When will the update drop?

  21. what's the word on .5/engineered bases? are they working on "nerfing" that.