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Clash of Clans – Sneak Peek Recap for Shield, Loot and Other Changes Town Hall 11 Update

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  1. Hey , I meant you in my clan Proud YouTubers !

  2. supercell is arruining the game :(

  3. Hey u were in global and I said you were fake I was tbnrfrags

  4. THE LEADER(LeadingClasherS

  5. Can You Join My Clan?

  6. Your the best!

  7. Hey Mr.Clasher whats up man we met on global love your vids!

  8. Hope you guys enjoyed this detailed video which took me a while to edit! So some support would be great! #Clash Happy thanks giving to all of you who celebrate it!!

  9. also nice video i liked it

  10. great work again keep it up man?