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Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks

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  1. Joo jake, for your next video about covering the new update (maybe): in case you will miss it: enemy ck troops will walk out of poison spells now??

  2. I hate how supercell ignores the war guys the whole reason why I played this game was for CLan wars !

  3. I can't wait for future war videos!!!!!!

  4. At least they're addressing th10 balance, or attempting to. Still a bummer another update passes with nothing done about modding or an update to clan wars.

  5. What do you think about bowler walks or combined queen bowler walks.

  6. you complain about lvl 4 inferno at th11 und it will be tough to 2star as th10? think about should it easy to 2* a max th9 as a max th8?!

  7. they didn't do anything to fix modding this update is still pointless to me if modders r here to mess the game up

  8. Is Jake still doing kamcord?

  9. The addition of the bowler is probably a wet dream for modders. To be able to program their pathing to accomplish ridiculous shit, I can only imagine.

  10. Jake I'm in hot springs right now, drove right by the race track yesterday

  11. What about the battle time reduced to 3 minutes from 3 and a half?

  12. Drops sneak peaks after the update is done xD

  13. Who else is loving the new skins for the camps and ADs haha

  14. I gotta admit…these Valk-Healer attacks are pretty dang sick. Red Heads Rule. ;D

  15. Wouldn't you know it, As soon as you release a sneak peak video, the update drops 😀
    (see what I did there? ;)

  16. All great, but what about modding? Anyone knows if they fixed it?

  17. Jake the update is out!!

  18. Make another one on Poison Spell! ? I think the time between the release of the last sneak peek and the release of the update, ypu can try to do a stream? ?

  19. I am sorry Jake i didn't hear most of the things you said. I was so much focused on those two beautiful attacks that i will have to watch the video again… ✌

  20. New strat: gobovaho at th10. Bowlers create a deep funnel for valks.

  21. I just turned th10 2 weeks ago!!!! So excited

  22. lets go and im still stuck at th 8 come gimme a small loan so i can gem to max th 9

  23. Going to TH10 the right move at the right time ! just need these 30 sec back!

  24. love it. ten could be the new 9. I may go to ten soon.

  25. Update is already here

  26. Nice

  27. I was at Oaklawn this weekend as well. Didn't win jack! Their rueben sandwich made up for it.

  28. Jake, i belive lvl 5 valks can be upgraded at TH11 not 10 tho.

  29. Jake, i belive lvl 5 valks can be upgraded at TH11 not 10 tho.

  30. Love your vids dude keep up the vids no matter the state of the game!

  31. Done with coc. Give rainbow six siege a try. Most strategic FPS you can find

  32. Update is being conducted as you upload this haha.

  33. Finally :D

  34. I think the bowler is Ebola