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  1. I knew it won't have an impact on farming with queen walk that much. I will do farming with this soon´╗┐

  2. hey Beak stop talking nd attack quick!´╗┐

  3. What I use to farm for gold and elixir and some de is Balloonion´╗┐

  4. throw some graffiti up by an artist on that blank new wall behind you :)´╗┐

  5. Not first??´╗┐

  6. I use your army to raid and I barely get hit by air traps but I still do´╗┐

  7. He takes too long to start attacking´╗┐

  8. it still works, I've 3 stared a maxed th9 with AQ walk and laloon while the king is upgrading´╗┐

  9. Play coc and Pokemon go more´╗┐

  10. We enjoy!´╗┐

  11. #longlivethequeen´╗┐

  12. 5:10 lmao so bad!!!??´╗┐

  13. Beaker likes his tesla? ……………okay………..?´╗┐

  14. Finally queen to level 20´╗┐

  15. i attack 5 times and collect 2.5,every attack loot is minimum 500k´╗┐

  16. hey dude!´╗┐

  17. bro cool video´╗┐

  18. Found 5k de on a th9 started qw and healers got blasted joke was on that guy though cos i still got all the loot even with no queen :)´╗┐

  19. love your videos man, seriously. But just one thing, dude it's actually annoying how you always run out of time in your raids, yet you keep talking as the raid starts without just even starting your queen walk. lol bro make use of the time! haha
    lighthearted comment, love your work.

  20. finally upgrading your queen!!!!´╗┐

  21. I freaking hate air traps!!! My healers always getting hit by them´╗┐

  22. Makes me ACTUALLY angry when I love Beakers commentary and strategies, but he's the worst attacker ever. When a failed 3* is entirely his fault and actually get mad´╗┐

  23. air traps are usaly in the midle and you use quien valk outside and inside healers aren't that inportnt´╗┐

  24. nice vid!´╗┐

  25. Yo Beak what up bro´╗┐

  26. Barch =P´╗┐

  27. yiu will got a lot of subs if you make clan wars videos !!!!!!´╗┐

  28. gemme your quene´╗┐

  29. U searched 22 times lol how is that way too long?´╗┐

  30. yup the healers now ! they suck´╗┐

  31. update sux´╗┐

  32. I dont even like clash of clans anymore…but I had to watch cuz your vids are the best´╗┐

  33. hey beaker…..wouldn't it be cool if you could get any gem boxes during a raid if they had one they haven't collected yet? this would make most peeps more active ..tell us your thoughts on this..´╗┐

  34. beaker pls answer this can i pls enter your clan i beg you plz plz plz??????????????????´╗┐

  35. yo beak´╗┐

  36. I did quit playing clash of clans but I love watching his videos´╗┐

  37. _Get unlimeted Gems and Gold

  38. When I have my queen up I am still queen walking/charging, and when I don't I use goblin knife.´╗┐

  39. hey beak| my queen is going for 20|lol|´╗┐

  40. Beak do a lavaloonion with 4 healers, and your queen, do the lavaloonion like normal, then drop your queen walk when the cannons and traps are out and bam´╗┐

  41. hey Beak what do you think i em going to th9 (6d 4h) left´╗┐

  42. I kinda like not having a green screen´╗┐

  43. HEY BEAK´╗┐

  44. man why do you start the raid late everytime and it comes to bite you in the end and you always complain??just start the raid early´╗┐