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Clash of Clans – Star Bonus = Fixed Loot Economy?

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  1. You are the most right youtuber! Keep up the work! I'm gonna get back to stalking your channel lol

  2. Ash, you the realest dude out there, always speaking the truth and i agree with everything you said

  3. Hey guys, just want to add that this is just 'my opinions' when I first read about these new concepts. So it's all just speculation, so may not mean it's going to be bad. SC have also stated that they're doing more to fix the problems. So let's see what else they have in store for us and hope it's for the good…

  4. R u doing another video on th11 farming? Still working on my heroes n wish I didn't go to th11

  5. Very good point with the cart!

  6. seems like every update is getting worse. they're killing themselves

  7. Totally agree… Doesn't help dedicated farmers getting more loot, only lazy players that just log in a couple of times per day. And since most of this 'new loot' goes in a treasury that doesn't give that much more loot to the attacker, it might even get worse acquiring resources. Would have been so easy for them to fix the problem. Just add back 10x more of the dead bases, problem solved

  8. You are the only YouTuber to call it as it is. This update sounds like crap already lol.

  9. I guess the only thing SC can do right now is keep the 1 Gem boost alive, till they fixed all that loot bullshit. Never seen such a long 1 gem boost, as right now I think they're just doing it, to not get a shitstorm over them.

  10. lol idk about yall but im ballin right now. I've been having constant 400k+ loot from bases

  11. they are killing there own game…..every game depelopers wants great community….and supercell has great community but developers are pain in ass

  12. the loot cart is based on the amounts that you lost on defense. high loot cart amount also means high resources lost on defense. i dont see how weak bases will benefit more than strong bases.

  13. please supercell,don't add that shit to the game. it will make even more people quite the game

  14. don't like this shit

  15. ash iam a th10 can i join ur clan

  16. 1st