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Clash of Clans [State of the Game] The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

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  1. Think one of the things that worrys me about supercell taking action on people who use burners is if they stopped us somehow using multiple accounts from one device, I have 3 accounts in total and it's not like I can afford 3 iPads

  2. Lol leave modding or burner accounts as-is. If you are maxed out then you know, the only way to enjoy this boring game is modding and 3* maxed out TH 10/11s. Anyways, now modding isn't as common as it was before. You will need more than one device to do it though it can be done with one device too but it will be time consuming. So, let's hope burner accounts will remain as-is so that we can still enjoy this game

  3. hey ash my friend was in cleaver springfield and one of ur vlan mates a while back was selling their th10 account almost maxed on everything and is their more of these kind of people in your clan?

  4. omg those friendly challenge ideas are exactly what everyone in my clan was asking for…… they can make this game sooooo much better

  5. Instead of nerfing troops we all work so hard at farming for, why not increase the effectiveness of the defence or introduce more defensive buildings or more walls and a bigger map. What you're suggesting is like buying a porsche but guess what everyone is speeding and going too fast…your solution…make it slower. Basically ripping off the player. If you played the long hours to farm for better troops, dont rip me off for it. Every YouTuber gets on here complaining all with the same lousy solutions. Don't rip off the player. If a troop is too strong, make the defence better…comming from a guy that doesn't gem, but my time is worth money and shouldn't be worth any less. Have a nice day! ✌️?

  6. Strongly agree with reason one n two

  7. I agree with you! I Love Clash of Clans and I never want it to die!!

  8. It's the stupid inferno that almost requires you to do spam attacks!

  9. Great vid Ash! Hope supercell does some of these things.

  10. Ash, the people that still mod now do it because they enjoy playing that way, not because they enjoy cheating :)

  11. just subscribed after watching this video…keep doin what you're doin ash…n hope you've seen chiefpat's royale state of the game vid..alot of truth over there too

  12. Ash, the biggest 'bad' in the game right now is engineered bases. High town hall and troops but very low defenses so war weight is extremely low. It is within the rules, but unfair to someone that has been playing for years and upgraded defense already. They cant go back. So our max th8s get matched with th10s. Its crazy.

  13. I am a th11 and I am sick of the mass bowler/ miner attacks as well. I have started using 16 bowlers/ 16 miners as my main attack army. I am trying diff combos daily.

  14. Supercell2016 Make Clash Great Again!

  15. Global is life no removing Clan!!!

  16. ? for ideas, come on ash your better than copying a idea.


  18. Possibly make the EA do more damage to groups of the same troop. Much like it did golems.

  19. Good video, and agree with all that, supercell needs to get together. All this Pokemon is gonna pull peops off of CoClans, so they need to step it up

  20. I think the grand warden should only protect a certain amount of troops. This would make it more viable for kill squads to set up a base and remove the mass fit as many troops in his aura as possible. And maybe a small buff to eagle to encourage the importance of kill squads.