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Clash of Clans – Strategy for Fast & Easy Gold and Elixir NO HEROES (Episode 4)

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  1. Ash can you do a th10 war Base pls. tks

  2. how many fingers you use to drop the barbarian and archrs ??

  3. Nice Video keep it going would you do a account giveaway❤️

  4. Thanks Ash, I am a new th9 and although my troops aren't lvl 6 yet, thia still helped

  5. you're doing great keep up the good work

  6. Hey Ash video for farm with TH10?

  7. you really give a lot of useful information ash… keep it up.

  8. Hello Ash!! I am a big fan and really impressed by you..I mean I just can't believe u farmso quickly 3 million in 1 hour using BAM and so much dark gained so quickly..I too am a farmer canu plz tell me which is better to use BARCH or BAM???

  9. Great video! Im using your farming strategy in my videos, feel free to check! ;)

  10. so its ok to use gibarch without the archer queen?

  11. wow that strat is awesome!!!!

    how long are you searching for a base with loot?

  12. Thank you! I have both heroes down and I needed this, much appreciated

  13. continu!

  14. Ash you are without a doubt the best attacker on YouTube that I have watched…. And I watch a lot! Almost gave up on this game with the update, but this and the gibarch w/hogs brought me back…. Thanks bro!

  15. Hey ash Im currently th10 and I know your th11 and might not be able yo give me tips for th 10 since the update came either way I am having trouble finding bases to raid, I find many bases with more than 400k each resource except dark elixir of course but there maxed out th10 bases, any tips any raiding that I can use?

  16. brobro thx fir the vid

  17. Thank you very much for this video, i am excited to see that for dark elexir without heroes
    Happy new yearrrrr

  18. I will have another video on the best method for farming a balance of all three resources: Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir WITHOUT Heroes!

  19. Happy New Year my friends! May 2016 bring happiness and prosperity to all!

  20. You are seriously the best clash youtuber, keep it up man. (btw whats the best league for farming right now? im at 1700 trophies and i cant find anything. i want dark elixir, gold, and elixir. pls reply k thx)

  21. Remember, the Town Hall weighs as 1 Gold Storage + 1 Elixir Storage + 1/4 DE Storage. So I like to think of as 2 storages when attacking. Attack from the side you can get the most storages (usually the closest direction to Town Hall).

  22. Still finding lots of easy bases to storage raid at 900 to 1100 trophy range. This army trains quick, so I recommend that you try getting a total of at least 300,000 every raid from either storages or collectors.

  23. Just come in silver and use milking tactic. 😉 Goblins is your friends. 1m/h of gold and elixir.

  24. Hey Ash, what will you recommend for DE without heroes (or without quuen). BAM is not doing well for me. I am using gibarch with wizards at the moment.