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Clash of Clans Strategy: GoBoNer – TH10 & TH11

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  1. Great video as always. I do have a question though.
    All the GoBoNer attacks I see are on bases that have offset infernos easily accessible by a kill squad.
    Does this tactic work on bases with a very reinforced core (teslas, infernos, xbows..)?
    As a TH10 with 40/30 heroes I end up either overcommiting on my kill squad or just not completing all the objectives a kill squad should.

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  4. Der "Ü30 FIGHTCLUB" Sucht noch Member 🙂
    Schaut doch gerne in unserem Clan vorbei !

    Btw: Nice Vid. Man !

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  6. last time I used this strategy I got arrested for dui

  7. Why isnt clash tools part of the actual game?

  8. I have a suggestion for bombs. Can make the trigger time for bomb next to a wall shorter, bombs at other locations trigger time as per usual. See 5:11

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  10. A new base building video for TH10 would be highly appreciated

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