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Clash of Clans Strategy: TH9 GoBoLo – Dominate With Air!

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  1. Please feature SGP in a video and let him teach us how he does these sexy ass AQ charge GoVaHo's ;)

  2. you're awesome

  3. my grandma grows out her beard every time PB doesn't post th9 content. She looks like a Mexican Jesus but now can shave!!

  4. Please, more th10 want new strategies

  5. Awesome vid bud!! Love the gobolaloon. I've been rockin it since the healer nerf.

  6. Th9 is my favorite to watch!

  7. It's a struggle to find good ideas on TH9 strategy so I really appreciate it since I've been trying to adapt TH10 and 11 strategies. I'll probably be on this TH9 max grind for 6 more months so keep them coming. Also, I have recommended your channel numerous times to my clan. Some listen, some don't. Whatever. But the people who do usually walk away calling you a freaking genius! lol Thanks a lot!

  8. Hey PB, have you ever thought about just taking a base at random in war, and analyzing how it you would attack it, and what components make it good and bad against each attack, would help in picking bases in war, its easy to find certain bases that are weak to my strategys, but hard for me to get the 3 star we need on a particular base as i cant tell whats the best to use.

  9. PB this attack was supposed to be between us, you gonna make it big like HGHB ?

  10. Great Vid PB, keep it up man.

  11. it's funny, I used bowlers in my golaloon for the first time the night before this was uploaded. for 3 stars. keep up the videos!

  12. So late with this and the stoned hobo tho

  13. Hey pb my pal. Don't mind me asking but what does WHF stand for? Please reply :)

  14. merhaba arkadaşlar ben Fırat kanalimda clans ot clash cari 81 level katılmanız beklerim

  15. I know this won't get seen but I have just told my clan all about your vids and how they have helped me 6 star every war( I'm a th8) but the th9s need help so I've told them to have a look at your Chanel because of the great th9-11 content you post! Keep it up!

  16. Powerbang, big fan, i know your clan is high levelled, but could you show strategys for lower level heros in th 9?

  17. pls upload some th3 war attacks ..

  18. ممكن الكلام التتكلمه ترجمه ليجوه

  19. Ja ich weiß, Eigenwerbung ist lame…
    Würde mich aber trotzdem darüber freuen, wenn ihr mal vorbeischaut, damit ihr seht wie bei uns der Hase läuft…
    denn wir suchen immer noch aktive Member für unseren CK-Clan :)

  20. need help plz join#PYVCPYL8

  21. I love how passionate about the game you are. Keep up the great work!

  22. did not work for me……hehehehe got 1 * only….WTF…were do go wrong

  23. No sneak peaks again today

  24. PB nice Vid as always! I feel it would be worth mentioning that base metta has caught up in elite wars and we are no longer seeing 3 Ad's accessible with the GoBo portion of the raid on most bases.