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Clash Of Clans – STRONGEST COC TROOP!?! (Nerf inbound)

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  1. What about miners

  2. they need to make it so if the queen is cloaked then the EA won't target it

  3. I'm afraid Godson is gonna quit COC

  4. Hope Valks don't get nerfed
    But Bowlers are OP

  5. Give the eagle artillery to th10s and some kind of tower that slows troops to th11s

  6. sub to me I'll get better

  7. sub to me I'll get better

  8. godson all your videos I watched I liked and can u say my name on one of your videos if u do my name is MATTHEW AUSTIN MILES plz say it on one

  9. do bowlers and miners

  10. Valkyries should have less health, while bowlers do less damage.

  11. channel dying?

  12. nice

  13. Do an attack on same bace (using bowler and next attack )(same bace)(use valkery

  14. COC Dead

  15. His intros are cancer

  16. That's nice btw man and funny

  17. non will be nerfed, new defense

  18. Are

  19. awesome base godson

  20. Why don't you upgrade that archer tower that is low leveled

  21. lol queen wizard

  22. I never been this early

  23. Wizards are the best just because you have to use them every raid

  24. I rarely get to vids this early

  25. Ok hi

  26. Your Clan-mate attacked with P.E.K.K.A's? That's unusual these days.

  27. you're bace got attacked and you got 3 started

  28. 0:04 ?

  29. I dont got bowler, and just valkyrie lvl 1 but valkyrie is my favourite troop in game