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Clash of Clans | Stupid Gemmer LEGEND FAIL With 4 Jump Spells LOL

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  1. Hi Ed! just wanna let you know that I have been consistently getting 2 stars against almost maxed to high upgraded townhall 10s, in clanwars, due to your insights. although I do have a few fails but I am using less jump spells, no freeze and lots of earthquake spells.

  2. who doesnt fail ?! Even the most skillful players fail sometimes, it is a game nd not worth to call ppl stupid for failed attack. How many times u fail ?!

  3. hahahaha lmfao fourth jump spell was the worst, no body enter to the center lmao

  4. You gotta admit though, thas was some sweet ass jump spells.

    Jk they are shit

  5. Now I know how to get on Ed's channel.

  6. ?????
    so nice

  7. So ironic this fucker has WB's. Why 4 though? Haha. I died laughing at this.

  8. 1jump =3wb but nah , i love green things , hahahaha

  9. 1 jumppy spell:you're a pro,2 jumpyjumpy:you're a little retard,3 jumpyjumpy:you gonna get fucked when your attack is on Ed channel,so just quit clash before you got fucked.

  10. Great vid again, Ed 🙂 thanks mate, keep making us laugh at these fucking noobs and keep up the great content ??

  11. Supercell should limit jump spell or ban them :3 some guys are using 5 jump also

  12. u r d man ed!! cast ur eyes..4 fuckin jump spells hahahahahaha

  13. i think they do it just to be as cool as galanoob and noob-gemmer pat.

  14. Someone loves jump spells

  15. Hey Ed great vid ? one short question: what fonttype do you use for the text in your thumbnails ??? Thanks for help

  16. That empty feeling…

  17. I'd attack you, but I need an aplication that may get me banned + I'm th8…

  18. lol XD

  19. beleza noobs

  20. LOL??