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Clash of Clans | Summary of 2015 – SPECIAL VIDEO – Funny Stuff

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  1. that attack from razzor???awesome spell placing… nice commentary????

  2. Thank you for this.. I want to see how to 3 start TH10 & 11 tutorials…

  3. Yes th8-9. Must do.

  4. epico

  5. 2016

  6. Good job ???????????????????

  7. cool

  8. Thank u for all your 2015 videos u helped me out tones best of luck in 2016

  9. such a great video 😉
    Alvaro said in one of his videos that z jodecast baby was your account lol

  10. Asesore vídeo the part of alvaro is awesome how you fail with the spells and how alvaro say it awesome vídeo ed

  11. 12:55 INDO BROTHERS !! awesome summary and btw ed, thanks for the cool videos that uve made in 2015. happy new year!

  12. Hi ed
    First to say love your videos:) keep it on but you must look galanub's new video and listen at minute one…. nothing to say anymore

  13. that alvaro845 should be football commentator :D

  14. hilarious stuff, keep it up.

  15. Good vid as always!

  16. What an awesome summary bro! 😀 keep up the awesome work!

  17. where is 4 jumper Mf ?

  18. everyone is fucker in your eyes 😀 i dont want to attack you :D

  19. If you don't saw my Private Message: I've made an Intro for you 😀


  21. Great video Ed! Where's the worst freeze of 2015?

  22. Amazing Summary! Thx for the nice Vid's…I'm sure you will keep it up! :)

  23. U can make some guides for little pushers

  24. Hahaha that was a great idea really funny Ed!

  25. ED you're the fucking boss
    good video

  26. watched the whole video <3

  27. Jos jotain saa 2016 toivoa niin karkkipussi takas ees kerran kuukaudessa jos millään kerkeisit, ne videot on vaan niin parhautta! :D

  28. Do u have lower heroes in clans to show 3 stars on th10?

  29. How can you tell they were cheating from the video? I'm not sure what to look for.

  30. please do th9 stuff

  31. 7:13 did you had a BJ or what bruh? Nice vid as always.

  32. Very well put together video! I was laughing the majority of the time. Especially when it came to that ending! Good job :)