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  1. Great vídeo Ash!

  2. I m gonna try it amd record it too… For now I use GoWiWi coz I am 100% Maxed Th9 :)

  3. Thanks so much Ash! I tried this with my lvl 15 queen and it work great!! Just a question: what does your username (Vex Thal) mean?

  4. Can't wait to try this out when my queen is done

  5. I can almost never use super queen a lot for farming i get way too carried away and try 3 starring a ton of bases.

  6. I've tried it and I haven't been successful with it. So gave up on it. My queen was lower lvl so that could be it. What lvl you recommend Queen should be? I'm currently upgrading her to lvl 13.

  7. im so happy that you shared this attacked strategy Ash. I can farm de so easily now with a level 21 queen. My clan mates are jealous of me lol.

  8. msg me on kik jwnaylor19999

  9. I just talk to jed

  10. hey can I join your clan I'm at townhall 8 getting golems in a week and I'll like to join and help u guys out

  11. holy nothing but whining. get over it you plebs

  12. Ash great video, imma try this strategy out, thanks for this great video man!

  13. I must have been using this strategy for around a year now it's just the best way to farm dark fast and to all those that hate on it, get with the programme jeez.

  14. "Farm 100k Dark Elixir/day with this strategy!"
    sounds like those adds that are like "Earn 1000$/day! with no experience!"

  15. I did it with lvl 4 queen !! Pretty difficult to do tho haha I went for th8s and rushed 9s

  16. Super queen is wat to over powered if u ask me. It will be getting nerfed!

  17. I use this strat, I am in champs 3 and it is SOOO OP.. its ridiculous..

  18. this was a nice video good job

  19. How do you use this as a th10 versus other th10's? With ITs?

  20. LOL! Finally we have video about this. Some people in the forum going crazy about Super Queen. "No Skill, garbage strat, bla bla…." they said.

  21. We hate it because its nearly impossible to defend against it and whenever you manage to get the queen low the idiot just has to drop a rage spell and shes back to 100%. I feel that rage spells should not affect healers and they need a significant HP decrease too.