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Clash of Clans “SUPERCELL HQ VISIT!” New Update & Dev Team News Incoming!

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  1. nick can you do a clash of clans war against pat or a diffent youtuber plss i miss clash wars

  2. how do you video your videos like that?

  3. ask the coc team this: When are you fixing the game???

  4. Nick? What about the Hay Day team?!?

  5. ??Nicky boy is that beginning song ur new fav?

  6. 197th

  7. How do u record on ios

  8. and i life in helsinki

  9. im from finland now i speak it moi mitä kuuluu

  10. Me new video of clash royale is now live check it out !!!


  12. yeah nick bro i am seeing all of u'r videos

  13. What do you use to record your screen

  14. damn nick back at it again with the coc gameplay

  15. Love the new intro

  16. can u plz sub me and help me nick

  17. They need to change something in Clash of Clans 'cause it's getting boring.Y atack only 3-4 times a day..

  18. Glad they are adding stuff. It feels as i Clash is dying

  19. Just watching clash of clans makes me drousy…..

  20. Clash is back yay!

  21. Thank God for a Clash video

  22. Why Saudi Arabia is not on the map

    i am from it :(

  23. WHY Nickatnyte you do not UPLOAD Clash OF Clans?????

  24. Hope that super cell do something about the xbow on royale they should reduce the range of those cards that suppose to be defense

  25. I use golem wiches and wiz . and 2 rage 1 heal 1 jump and 1 earthquake

  26. nick, for ur first attack, u shouldve used ur warden's ability earlier in the battle. just some tips!

  27. Any hayday updates coming?

  28. im using the same troops as your last attack exept the spells instead of 2 jumps i use 2 rage :)

  29. 0:25 Where's Mongolia?

  30. Your really good at troop vomit

  31. nick you did not give me a shout out 🙁 dude I reminded you about clash of clans

  32. +nickatnyte This dude named Bouncyball2002 posted some theories about Captain Ruddero and also about a Clash update. Could you check them out?