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Clash of Clans – Supercell REVEALS New Update!! Loot Cart, Daily Bonus + MORE! (January Update 2016)

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  1. ehh

  2. Sweet! The hype is real. Cant wait for defensive bonus. About time. Crystal is where its at for dead bases btw guys.

  3. Intro song?

  4. Intro song?

  5. Intro song?

  6. I am a new subscriber, but you sound awesome! You have great commentary, and the gameplay is good! I really like it! Keep up your good work!

  7. sigh i didnt live under a rock i just simply was sleeping -.-

  8. what name have the music

  9. Introsong is Id like to change the world – jetta (Mastubs Remix)

  10. We all know super cell.. the loot cart will probably hold. 1.5% of resources lost. And the the daily bonus will be something pathetic maybe 10k gold if we lucky. pffft. Be ready to be disappointed.

  11. OK YEAH!

  12. the attack was so close

  13. was just thinking if there was a daily reward in coc 3 days ago……REALLY I WAS!!!

  14. cool video

  15. 99 2 STAR NOO! :(

  16. eclihipse, I gotta secret, don't tell anyone though. all the dead bases are in crystal! for real 500K of each raids, as a th8 I'm in heaven!! aha. You're welcome ;)

  17. Thanks for keeping the whole community of youtube informed about this stuff bro!! :)

  18. yo can u throw us some more base builds before this update hits?

  19. The HYPE IS REAL!

  20. Did you rage on that 99%?