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Clash of Clans – Supercell’s Response to the Community

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  1. so they always wanted us to do us townhall inside

  2. I only wanted the death bases back so I can farm my lv10 walls with barch.. hope they do it!! I want to 100% max my th9..

  3. now about farming is dead nothing is dead like whats wrong with you people? farming is normal they also increased the loot availble which is good and yah its true coc was so ez with tiwn hall being outside its like just get 9 million gold a day with that nah thats non skill so u better stfu and get used to the game if u wanna quit then quit.

  4. A key problem is just the cost per upgrade to income. A th10/11 has the exact same loot income per base as a th8, by this i refer to collectors. All loot comes from collectors at one stage. This then gets redistributed among the bases as they fight. A th9 has 6 collectors at 3k an hour. An archer tower to lvl 11 is 4.5m. This means for every upgrade in the th9 community requires a group contribution of 250 hours. So theoretically 1 archer tower is upgraded every day per 10 bases. or people average 1 base upgrade per 10 days. Both options are just garbage. Theres not enough loot income into the higher th10s. A 1.5m barracks 9 upgrade is 83 hours of work by comparison, you have to farm for it. But its doable. Collectors need higher upgrade levels at higher th's and not just by like 500. th8 caps at 3k each. th9 should be 4k, th10 4.8k and th11 5.5k for example. This way each th level has a much higher income flux to support each other. Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated

  5. Nearly a month after the update and they eventually respond to over a thousand pages of protest with nothing, nada, fuck all.

  6. What about wars?… Unbalanced th9, 10 and 11 isn't is a problem?

  7. why not add a vault like building as in boom beach where x amount of your loot is always safe?

  8. leave the 1 gem boost and everything is gonna be fine haha

  9. What about the dead bases?

  10. The only thing you need to bring back is dead bases and the loot bonuses on leagues thats it we're good townhall on the outside kinda meh just new base lay outs just a bit of a challenge

  11. Mr mr snb

  12. BULLSHIT! This is a cookie cutter reply basically saying "we will not allow you to play the game the way you want, you will play how we want and you will deal with it." The entire thing is greedy on the point of supercell…forcing players to spend over 100k in elixir EVERY ATTACK just to get X from and lose X to someone else is an obvious "money sink" in game economic theory. No amount of "resource saving" ability could alleviate this heavy sink in the game, the well is running dry and we're forced to use gems to shield/boost and do absolutely nothing because that's the only way we know we'll actually get resource income into the game. They know it, and that's why they are doing it, to force people to use gems…..

    fucking greed. I and many of my coworkers have put a lot of money and time into it, and we are all equally about to quit playing it. So you can pass that on to supercell since they don't seem too bothered in the thousands of posts on the forums about how terrible their game has turned out to be (among them is one of mine, so I already spoke up once). Their game went from a 5 star to a 2 star in the app store, so it looks like the players have spoken….and they are simply saying….

    We enjoyed the game the way we've been playing it….now we don't. You can't bleed a stone if you force all the stones to roll away.

  13. Too little, too late.

  14. i am at new th 10 but i cannt manage elixir for raids :3

  15. Another issue they should work on is war balancing. Th 9 is imbalanced after the update.

  16. They should give us new pumps and mines and make new levels for the mines and pumps

  17. Wait? What's the ''townhall inside'' system?

  18. 1:35 resource saving is son of a…..

  19. Surely i'm not the only one who LIKES this new update for farming. Heres why:
    sure, when i'm raided i lose a ton of loot, maybe 700k. BUT. After i'm raided i get a 12+ hour shield. In this time, i'm able to raid multiple times and make back that loot AND GAIN MORE.
    I honestly think I've had a better time with loot after this update than what i had when i was 'farming'
    Anyone agree? Like this up so Pat can give his thoughts!

  20. Farming is dead because they changed the timer of inactive basses from 2, 3 or4 weeks to 3 days.