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  2. very nice to hear you planning an attack? i would like to see more of that??

  3. Iluvyou

  4. you should do this more often

  5. Loved it wana have more???

  6. Nice vid…I miss Jake from OneHive..???

  7. عاشت ايدك ✌???

  8. Win dramatic note rather mission produce

  9. Good stuff!! Keep it up?

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  11. Love the idea! You should do it every war!

  12. Awsome stuff , more like these! Long time subsriber. Keep going!

  13. Awesome video PB, it's great to see how the magic happens inside of WHF!!!!!

  14. Do it more plz!!

  15. hey PB – really liked this video. I actually liked the plan discussion in discord better than surprise attack part. if you could do more plan discussion I think that would be awesome. thanks a ton for all your content.

  16. Yo PB, love the videos. I took a little break from war in clash and I'm getting back into it. I'm a mid level th10 with 30-30 heroes. What strat do you think is a good go-to in this meta? (Of course it depends on base design too)

  17. awesome vid dude, keep up the good work

  18. Nice twist on live raid with the Discord audio – that makes a ton of difference, hearing the thought process that goes into planning of these attacks. Keep it up!

  19. Nice live attack PB!

  20. you should do that more and more ✌

  21. hey thats me. #1 on the warmap!

  22. hey bro PB ,no plan to go th11?

  23. Love the live attack chat content. If you'd do th10 vs th10 that'd be amazing so we can see how you guys plan on handling bases. Even tho it may not be a 3 star we can atleast see the planning & see a few tweaks that could be made afterwards to correct it! Please consider it would love to see it man. Love the video

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  25. PB, this is fun. Do it more pls, and its ok doing things thats someone already does cause im sure beside me, a lot of ur fans enjoyed this type of videos.

  26. finallyyy

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