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Clash Of Clans: Surprisingly Good TH9 Troll-War Base (ANTI 3 Star) – CHUNK + Replays

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  1. Hello I need a village Clash of Clans you can give me Bliss 

  2. lo siapa bro gw gk knal

  3. I love tobu, I miss his old songs: (

  4. Great video watched until the end thought this was gonna be an april's fool video or something lol, just can't trust the internet

  5. 1st bitches!!!

  6. Table Of Contents:
    0:00 Introduction
    0:13 Base Build
    3:11 The Base
    3:22 Replays

    About This Base:
    Air Sweeper (Top): Blows South-East
    Air Sweeper (Bottom Right): Blowing directly West
    Skeleton Traps: Both set to Ground Mode
    Xbows: Both on Ground & Air

    Features Of This Base:
    -Troops are forced to move around the core.
    -Requires tons of funneling for troops to get into the core.
    -If Troops manage to get into the core CC or xBows will tank for Teslas to destroy heavy units.
    -Wtichs' Skeletons cannot trigger traps therefore causing the witch's path to destruct in some Giant Bombs.
    -Spring Traps are placed for defesive troop attackers.
    -Defenses are organized causing 2nd thought to attackers to attack this base
    -Centralized CC (ikr?)