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  1. Ash I love your vids man keep up the good work!?

  2. The only reason I subscribed to you was because I saw you in the Royale tournament. I saw some strats videos and you helped me so much. I can't believe I just heard of you!! You're amazing!!

  3. Selling my th10 near max for 30$ the game is ruined for me since the update kik me @ghostnappa545 for more info I would love if u were and adult 18+ and mature

  4. congratulations :))))

  5. any video for TH9 ? focused on Walls.

  6. Congratz Ash!

  7. congratulations

  8. Finally some1 who deserves to be Legend reaches it! Congratz!

  9. How your name Crips but in a clan called "RED" Elite?
    You took a L for 2016

  10. Congrats Ash! What's next??

  11. Awesome. Keep it up.

  12. this video has inspired me to push!

  13. I will be Town hall 9 in a few days what should I buy with elixir and gold I really don't know I know for the DE but not the others

  14. GG

  15. same video everytime omlll

  16. Congrats Ash!!!

  17. Any tips for a th9 trying to get to Titans league?

  18. Congrats ash great job!

  19. Ausom job!!!

  20. congrats ash. wish you hit #1 in global #glASH

  21. Ash I neeeeeeeed th8 gameplay!! Plsssssss??????

  22. Nice job ash!

  23. Hey ash are you having issues up there with search taking hours?

  24. Good job Ash

  25. Yes mate

  26. اول كومنت