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Clash of Clans | Th 11 – Dragon Attack Strategy – BEAUTIFUL Dragon Attacks by Ed

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  1. ED???? keep up the good work u got those drags going crazy butt don't forget about us looners bro ????

  2. I always study dragons strategy

  3. too many pusshy bases :3 i im aslo killing time pusshy base everyday as a whale

  4. Ed, why u love so much drag strategies? I know its a 2 star thing and shit… But I mean, all ITD vids they never use drags. Its ironically coincidence how you have a vid just for drags, but this is the only troop you guys never war with

    Btw, how old are u?

  5. Ur Voice Is So Anoying And Stop Saying Dragies Faggot

  6. Nice! ?

  7. hi