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Clash of Clans | TH 11 FAILS ON A TH 9? | CoC Fail?

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  1. hmmmm i th9 fail on th7 3 star

  2. what is bnmp

  3. He didn't "fail", he just got a one star, he can only fail if he has zero stars

  4. It's funny I use to be able to 3 star with valkerys before there buff but now I can't use them.

  5. Open barbarian party please

  6. There is something called Royal Cloak

  7. Cam love your vids ( probably won't notice me at all but lol screw it) and wow you get the weirdest QnA questions.

  8. Hey cam can you arrange a war against feeder vs feeder then the best one vs your clan? It would give you a chance of who is good and who is not

  9. Cam, sometimes I feel that the reason you fail so much is because you go into the attack thinking you're going to lose. You know how the saying goes, "if you think you're going to lose, you're already half-beat".

  10. Can you not make yourself sound like more of an asshole than you already do? We know you recorded this shit before you did the commentary

  11. Like my latest vid comment done and I'll sub

  12. Pls open your clan

  13. 7:07 what are those air defences

  14. I was never invited ;-;

  15. "I think she has one health left omg" -Cam2016 ?

  16. CQOTD: What can we use instead of ice wizard in clash royal???

  17. how can i get in ur tournament clan??

  18. A TH11 barely had enough time to 3 star a TH9 please supercell PLEASE bring back the extra 30 seconds.

  19. gee that Queen was freaking beast

  20. hey cam can I join your clan

  21. Lucky

  22. I hope y'all having an amazing day! Would any of you guys and girls mind Cheacking out my channel?

  23. GO BNPN Cam!!!!

  24. Watt happend to barbarian party