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Clash of Clans | TH 11 NEEDS MORE TIME | Almost 3 Stars??

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  1. maybe if you put your cam on the right top corner and make it smaller would be better imo.
    keep the good work

  2. It's so hard to 3 star now like wtf it was hard to 3 star already as a th10 and taking off 30 full seconds is basically impossible,and on my th8 I have gotten constant 95%-99% 2 stars because of the time with go-ho

  3. CQOTD: What do you use to edit your videos

  4. lol

  5. What app do you use to record.?

  6. Anyone want my nearly maxed th9?

  7. CQOTD what happened to your th8 account?

  8. Glitching wiz tower at 10:55

  9. Level 8 wizard tower 10:53? wtf?

  10. Like dat face cam cam

  11. Ignore the neg. comments about face cam, it's pretty awesome love it,.,., and yeah just to remind ya ,you have a freaking TH 8 dude so put that shit on the go and make some TH 8 videos too #camrocksatyoutubing :-)

  12. Can can I Join ur clan ? I just got TH 7 and I'm trying to max it. I will be loyal and active. Can I please join ur clan ?

  13. love the face camera

  14. CQOTD: how long does a video usually take for you to make

  15. #CQOTD What screen recorder do u use, and also what video editor


  17. Let me join ur clan

  18. make the face cam smaller plz

  19. I'd like to see cam fails at dark souls 3.

  20. Yeah I agree

  21. I thought you were playing th8 vids

  22. Ahh he's fucking ugly