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Clash of Clans | TH10 3 stars on Anti-3 bases – Valk Madness!

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  2. This was good attacks by triggerman but imo it doesn't deserve a 3 star. I expect th10 and 11 triple to be much more harder to get than that. I don't know what you guys think about that but i don't feel that this is balance.
    But very impressive for fresh hits; triggerman is trully a beast !

  3. Great attacks and great vid Smaug.
    If I could give you a suggestion: I think you should try to stay further from the mic because I hear a lot of whistling in the audio ;)

  4. th9 is gonna be interesting again woot


  6. epic !

  7. Awesome job from Trigagaman!! i have a feeling that with this new update(and a bit last one) we got a big step forward towards not easy but doable 3staring for th7-11. th10 and 11 have now more chances to get 3d but in a more fun and creative ways without mass witches etc. And th9 got back to a good th lvl where good skills are really needed. Lets go OneHive and lets go COC!!!

  8. Forgot to mention, no golems in the second attack. I did say there was one, but there wasn't – just two pekkas! Absolutely nuts!