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Clash Of Clans: TH10 | BEST Farming Base Layout (Latest TH11 Update) – Dante 10

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  1. Awesome! Great job by the way. +nOeL

  2. thank you noel for making this base lay-out, i like your bas lay-out specially this one, its simple the cc is unlurable the storages is seperate each other..thanks a lot noel now i can edit my base, i will give and update asap about def and how it works for my base,,cheers man!! clash on..

  3. How do you record your screen?

  4. This base does not have good DE protection ? just tested…

  5. +nOel please make another town hall 9 anti 3 star war base :)

  6. Are th11 attacks coming soon ?

  7. Windmill for Th10 please! (: hi from spain

  8. awesome can't wait for a th9 base !

  9. Awesome base

  10. He's back ,and making beast bases!

  11. TH9? :)


  13. any replay?

  14. Show some love by liking this video!!! ^_^

  15. LATEST farming base layout for TH10 after the TH11 update!!! :D