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Clash of Clans TH10 GoVaHo 3 Star Strategy

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  1. Is it possible to do this without level 40 heroes? If not there is no point in making these videos because a player who does not gem or spend hours farming every day will never be able to do this.

  2. very nice!

  3. Ahhhhh. Haven't seen one of these in a while. It is nice seeing you draw these attacks out again.

  4. Killer video man, I appreciate all the thought you put into this. I have even more hope for th10 now than I did with the the extra 30 seconds a month ago. Cheers man

  5. Hey Jake, how do you and your clan decide how many healers to bring with you in your AQ walk? 3 vs 4 vs 5… ? Thanks in advance

  6. Yay! I'll be able to watch this in SnoopaVision in 8/30/2029!!!!!!

  7. Snoop Dogg is amazed by these attacks.

  8. Good stuff as always. Always have to watch what you put together.

  9. these are your best vidoes Jake—drawing stuff out and talking about the rationale behind the attack is far more helpful than just showing an attack and commentating on what we can already see

  10. nice april joke, u almost got me jake

  11. NOW try this without the Go just do HoVa for the trip! Tutorial on my channel Jake :)

  12. Did he just say CONDOM??

  13. same tactic. Can you 1 star any base without the queen taking out over 50% of the base like seriosuly

  14. Why Cc hogs and not cc golem? Surely having the hogs able to individual select is better?

  15. Wow really awesome

  16. Great video Jake! Looking forward to more on th10 since your upgrade

  17. To be completely honest I was scared this was going to be another well crafted April Fool's Day video xD Great video Jake and keep it up!

  18. These were mostly th9 defences with infernos vs max troops and max heros… Does it really work on max defences?!

  19. Finally no April Fools 😀 My supscription box is full of those

  20. Awesome video Jake

  21. Excellent video Jake – the valks are back baby! (not that they were ever gone)

  22. That's some serious war loot sir

  23. I was sad that i wont use valks at th10 but this video , ty

  24. Won't be fooled by this one!! Cya!!

  25. Cool video, anyone know of any war focused youtubers that do TH11 material?

  26. hey Jake

    geat to see a war strategy from you, feels like it has been awhile.

  27. If you guys haven't already you definitely need to use the valks! Had a lot of 3* success with them on some tough anti 3 bases. As usual great vid Jake

  28. if I ever have to clean 9s I plot EVERY gb spot and where the queen is. I then re-mark any gbs next to a wizard tower or double bombs. I send the KS to get as much of this as possible, I do a q walk if queen is opposite the majority of double sets (the single-wiz are sometimes threats, bonus if I can get em with Ks, but otherwise just an area where I need to be cautious about a heal spell), or queen is just behind if I can drag queen onto golems and then I shoot it down. generally I do shattered with 8-10 valks (CB with 3 healer queen alt), although that might change now. I find it works really well.

  29. This is some old school Jake. The reason I subscribed to begin with was to learn stuff like this. Keep it up man.

  30. War 101? Isn't that the Immoral Thieves feeder? You guys should do an arranged war with IT

  31. !another great vid jake keep it up! also tried to join onehive but got turned down, however i will keep at it and one day be in the clan with you

  32. what about TH9s?

  33. Jake. Thank you so much for your massive contribution towards to war community. Each on of your video we can learn something new, to improve. Only found your channel 3 weeks ago and I have learned so much and understood the game so much better. Thank you ad please continue doing a world class job :D

  34. There was a time wen Jake and onehive were at an cutting edge of new war attacks. Now he is just copying wat other youtuber are putting out as an afterthought…

  35. Cool video Jake. Never really cared about valks since I upgraded to th9, but since their buff I think I'll start using them more.