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Clash of Clans TH10 GoValks 3 Star Attack

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  1. so mass valk is now basically the new mass witch…. great balancing supercell…..

  2. Dragons in cc would reck this attack, but man those lvl 5 valks are insane.

  3. awesome! and the heroes weren't even maxed out!

  4. not your best guide tbh. it's about time people start using the valk tho. I used to only use her for farming (wivarch). the decrease in hp after the update actually hurt my strategy tho, because she's just so fast and gets in front of my giants and king 🙁 time to adapt huh

  5. how do i join red rhinos? i am a max th8 soon to be th9 and my attacks are creative

  6. golem in the cc is deadly against valks

  7. I kick myself in the butt. Instead of upgrading my Valkyries to level 2 I went ahead and upgraded my hogs to 5. But I guess that's OK. My next upgrade will be the Valkyries for sure. As always thanks for the video.

  8. always good to see a goats-member in a vid :)

  9. Valks need to be nerfed. You shouldn't be able to spam 25 of one troop, plop down some rage and expect to get a three star; requires minimal strategy especially for a high TH attack.

  10. Nerf Incoming lol

  11. how come u make a video once awhile

  12. Hey I was in Reddit Mist during a war with Red Rhinos

  13. I really think that swapping one rage for a heal would help immensely here… refreshing the valks after they clear the infernos. Have you tried that?

  14. govaho at th10 is better

  15. Hi heather

  16. bowlers need a nerf. like if you agree

  17. ❤️ Heather

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    2.) reply= kiss your crush
    3,) sub= find 1M $
    4.) ignore= you'll get murdered tonight

  19. Could u make a vid in th 8 gowizva tutorial please thank u

  20. Are valks at th8 good too?

  21. the intro makes me laugh all the time. anyone around me stares at me lol:)

  22. Love your videos!!

  23. first?

  24. First