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Clash of Clans | TH10 “NEW UPDATE” Town Hall 10 War/ Trophy Base (275 Walls) | +25 | September 2015

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  1. I can and i have already destroyed bases like this before in a matter of seconds! This base is useless. Especially for clanwars. I can post videos of my attacks on bases like this ! Just 45 seconds needed to destroy the town hall´╗┐

  2. does the base work?´╗┐

  3. This base is 2 walls short of working, you can remove the 2 pieces next to the top archer towers and it works though´╗┐

  4. I deleted my rude comments since the publisher posted a fix to the layout´╗┐

  5. You prick there are no new walls it this vid! You've just wasted my time´╗┐

  6. Ok have to say stupid as you claim new 25 walls, yet you completely left them out ??

    Todays update new walls, and you make claim for it, yet no new walls added, pretty sad to troll good people like that with fake claims´╗┐

  7. WHats the song??´╗┐

  8. 1st one ^_^´╗┐

  9. gemmer´╗┐

  10. Do you need iOS 9?´╗┐

  11. Update hasnt even been released´╗┐

  12. like´╗┐

  13. 1 like´╗┐