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Clash of Clans: TH10 QUEEN CHARGE – Scouting for Myself!

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  1. Loved the video PB! Please show more of these videos of your attacking. Maybe start a new series?

  2. Great video PB, and a very well done scout!

  3. How do you customize this cover thumbnails for your video man .. please tell me

  4. Awesome video! Keep up the good work, PowerBang! ?

  5. Great video PB! Thanks for the shout out

  6. Hahahaha

  7. east understand radio event.

  8. Great attack man…awesome..!!

  9. Merchant line conference coalition can.


  11. Loved the attack. Nice scout. Might do this for myself when possible. I knew about the scouts in general, but now I have a better idea of it. Way more precised than I used to do. Thanks and great vid PB!

  12. This is an excellent video, very informative and useful format PB, planning the attack then adjusting on the go was the highlight of this video. Keep up the good work PB

  13. That was an excellent scout and attack PB!! Not only do you always give us knowledge but remind us how fun this game can still be. Keep up the great content bro.

  14. powerbang can i join your clan i am on th9

  15. Good job, Healers are still good though.

  16. Hey.! powerbang.. I wanna Ask. The Second Inferno. WhIch you Cleared By The Miners was multi-Target..
    ..if That would be Single-Target .. that instead Of Freezzing the Inferno coz Single Target hardly Give Damage To the Miners….
    Which spell will Be Better For Miners At that Situation..( Heal , Rage ) ?.

  17. I hope there's a good strategy without Queen. I've been upgrading her for weeks now I miss her so bad.

  18. nice tutorial pb ?

  19. Very good and precise scouting and planning, as expected, you're a BEAST man 🙂
    I find your videos really helpful, thanx :)

  20. Very good and precise scouting and planning, as expected, you're a BEAST man 🙂
    I find your videos really helpful, thanx :)

  21. Nice attack ?? Very Nice Planned???

  22. Was a nice scout and attack PB.

  23. nice vid, would love to see some base building guides… not a given base but generic tips on what types of things work best in the current meta… and an in depth look to why these setups work. an example would be tesla farm vs by the th, 2dgbs v.s. 1dgb and 2 singles, queen near the core or out by herself and etc… like I said do not want a "internet base" Just things that seem to be effective in current warbases…

  24. I've figured it out! Supercell planned this all along. It's simple:
    The townhall level you're attacking is is the same number of healers you have to take to guarantee keeping some!

  25. fuck supercell

  26. Lol its like 4 am for me… What time zone are you in Pb?

  27. Awesome!

  28. Last time I was this early harambe was still alive..?

  29. The game ended with a lot of users and their accounts banned many of the tribes have been destroyed … what interest do you punish the users rather than to punish the owners of the software ?? Many gaming companies in which players used harmful programs , however, do not put the blame on the user … you must provide protection for yourself and not put in the user interface error Company abortive really

  30. powerbang can u make a video for how to 3 star a th10 with drags cuz I loved using them since th7 and be able to 3 star any th9 bases now I want to move on to th10

  31. ye yeda paila comment mera

  32. Each like shows respect for harambe #dicksoutforharambe

  33. 40TH!