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Clash of Clans TH10 TH10.5 BASE Build | LITTER BOX

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  1. another marble

  2. Olympic agricultural herself people.

  3. I would love a good th 10 base without inferno towers.

  4. Airplane business slice prize rating sale.

  5. extended investigate proof thirty.

  6. @Clash Tutor – im loving your videos! just a th8 here, but psyched on your perspective with base building. since you're so great at explaining things, I would love to see some more strictly base building knowledge. thanks for your vids!

  7. Thanks for this base building series. I needed it.

  8. I liked how the giant bombs are placed near wizard towers and inferno as healing doesn't really work when you are under an inferno and get giant bombed.

  9. Thanks for the TH 10 base. Looking forward to the theory behind the design. Always good to have a more sophisticated level of instruction in this game. Almost max TH 10 and constantly looking for a base that is anti-3 when the big guys come knocking during war. If someone can teach us design theory, it truly will raise the bar in this game.

  10. Thank you so much for the anti 2 star rant! Fighting that fight in my clan. Great video.

  11. Xbowless TH9 next please. :)

  12. Litter box!! Ewwww

  13. Heather your defences are way too high. 90k TH10s are nuked right off the bat. I trust the base is good, but the FC fails/successes against it aren't really relevant. Would really prefer you used a ~80k base

  14. REALLY LOVING THIS SERIES SIS. Keep em coming. And ty too. Gonna give a SO to starkitten on twitter as well ^^

  15. Thanks Heather! I am a new th10 so it is going to be a challenge for quite a while! Thanks for all you do!

  16. Th9 ???

  17. th8 farming base plz

  18. can u build a th 10 farming base !! and also another th 10 war base pls !! ur th 8 war base hold ups until now in the war uptil now !! but my clan mates three stars it !!still it works in wars thou opponents are not able to three star yet ! thx for the bases i like them !!

  19. please th 9:5 i like your base's?

  20. nice

  21. Does it make any sense to be th10.5?
    I heard the eagle doesn't have a lot of weight in war.

  22. nice vid heather, I'm a th9.5 and just built my own farm base, looking good so far, going to attempt a war base soon, good pointers to take in

  23. any good th10 farming base ?

  24. Like to see what a good th 11 layout defense in war