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Clash of Clans: TH10 & TH11 TIPS – Ring Bases & Scouting

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  1. At Last!

  2. 13:50 hilarious

  3. One of the most helpful videos for me and my clan! Our th11s have had a hard time with the ring bases! Thanks PB!!! ?

  4. why don't you tell your viewers why you guys were pulled from the clash tournament? AND STOP DELETING THIS COMMENT SHIT HEAD!!!! if you guys are wondering him and his team were caught with xmoding!!! you CHEATING SHIT HEADS!!

  5. Thank you for the TH10 action :)

  6. Great video!

  7. My GAWD it's about time. ..finally some high level content, nice work dude.

  8. Moar please!

  9. Great attacks, love the bowler and valkyrie attacks they've been working great recently!

  10. I LOL'd when I heard about how it hard is it for you switch targets…. haha funny shit.side note: I cant be the only TH10 that is finding it extremely hard to grind for DE, and still be in wars right?

  11. أبطال ???? ?????

  12. cant change targets mid stream PB? ?

  13. "brand new th10"
    40/40 heroes with max level troops. great video as always pb

  14. Thank you very much for bringing higher up th gameplay, keep up the good work man :)

  15. Useful vid pb

  16. nice castle background!

  17. best video yet thanks PB!

  18. awesome content !

  19. Thanks PB, love the video! Need more TH10 tips/strategies! Really wish the CWL only had like 5 TH9's max in their Wars, would make it entertaining. TH9 is a blast to play but boring to watch. Just my opinion. Keep up the good work PB!

  20. I'll try this stuff, thank you!

  21. I'd like to see some pre-attack scouting. What weaknesses do you look for? What is the process of building a comp to deal with those weaknesses. The attacks you show are great but I would love to see how you get to that point before an attack is even made on a target.

  22. Hey, Would anyone like to make an elite war clan with me? i have a maxed th 8 and a near maxed th 9, im super active and have over 1350 war stars on my accs, i would like to make a well structured adult war clans that can win some wars! Im 24 from canada, Line me: Ethan1116 or respond to this if u would like to create one!

  23. How's Trubaka a "Brand new th10" with max heros?

  24. ??✌?

  25. Thx for the vid! Love seeing all the high level stuff but it's nice to see hits on bases we typically see in farm wars. We currently have 5 losses in our log, all of which against eng clans giving us a disadvantage so I feel your pain. Quick request: Any chance you can do a vid on how to defend against mass valks? These spam attacks are killing us at th9!

  26. When do power rankings come out @powerbanggaming

  27. Awesome video