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Clash of Clans | Th10 vs Th11 GoWiPe – 16 Minutes of 2 Staring With Commentary ENJOY!

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  1. Came From Playhard COC!!

  2. venho pelo pleyhard

  3. PH

  4. Hi Ed , I came by Play Hard channel that showed the replay of your clan attacks and really enjoyed it , I will accompany you from now and learn a lot about attacks, +1 sub , but I give in Brazil

  5. BR É NOS

  6. Awesome Ed! It will be nice to see some gowiwi too :)

  7. Millanen th10 cw base pitäs olla pitäskö olla joku anti 2* base? kun mulla ongelmana että th11 vetää 100% musta vai onko se väistämätöntä?

  8. BR – PH

  9. algum BR? #playhard


  11. Clan tag is #PGP2JYUO

  12. PLAYHARD!! :D

  13. Amazing video Ed, I came from playhard channel.

  14. Hi , ED. Playhard-clash of clans , had showrd your replays TOP

  15. Thanks for the video Ed.

  16. Nice vid Ed ;)

  17. hi ED, I'm is new sub you , .I'm go and channel "PLAYHARD-CLASHOFCLANS " your clan is good . bye bye , #ph my from the Brazil

  18. Nvm, saw it in the vid

  19. How long does it take for you to find a base?

  20. Nice video again bro. I love your channel more and more. Its like a drug to me now because I like how upu express yourself???. Great stuff man up.


  22. sou br vi o seu canal pelo o do play hard

  23. congratulations on the clan, I'm from Brazil the clan Bruno playhard spent the link of your channel, congratulations on channel plus an inscribed

  24. Hey ed, any good farming bases for th11

  25. Thank You.. yes i want to see more of cloud attack

  26. playhard

  27. wow u got 3 stard twice on defence lol

  28. Thanks for doing more of these vids Ed! Your Awesome!! Don't forget to come visit my clan lol :)


  30. Does someone has a really good th 10 war base?

  31. Clash with Ed I know your life is busy but was wondering if you could join my clan even for a few secs it would make my month! I love your vids and have been a sub since 20k, keep up the great work. P.S. If you can or can't join pls reply so I know. TY

  32. great atacks ed. i´m fan your channel …. BR player here! like … indication playhard

  33. Hi Ed i like your channel, but please could you show the videos not so far, sometimes is dificult to see the ataques, thank you

  34. salve ed

  35. what device you use to do your war attack? thx in advance

  36. Hi, Ed! Playhard – Clash of Clans (brazillian channel) had showed your replays, you channel is awesome, +1 sub!

  37. Play clash royale

  38. ??

  39. joga muito

  40. Give me ur Th10 Haha ! I clan farm ur waaaallsNice video bro#FrenchFanHere


  42. Thats cool myself a th10 :D

  43. i attack your base today ? very noobish… i am glad you did not show it ?


  45. en tiedä luetko tämän kommentin mutta faggot about it. cc golemia voisi käyttää "houkuttimena" eagle artile koska ilmeisesti favorite target jolloin muut troopit säilyisivät koskemattomina xD