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Clash of Clans – TH11 and TH10 Farming Strategy

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  1. Farming a dead base? How about bases where its actually going to take some strategy instead of rushed bases too, hence the name of the video. These aren't exactly common occurrences in master

  2. I would like a Hybrid th 7 base since the new update gave th7 a third air defense

  3. nice tutorial sir ash. can you keep making this guide for th10 like me? looking forward for more vids like this :)

  4. "allows to conserve my gems" … has 10k gems…

  5. hey ash, what would u reccomend to a fresh th9 player? Lavaloon or gowiwi for war? I need to decide to upgrade lava or witches to lvl 2! My base is like a th8.5 but with both lvl 1 xbows and queen, so u know what kind of enemies i face in clan wars.

  6. Gotter here, thanks for the th 11 strategy!

  7. Whata that intro song bruh :-D

  8. ,layout th8 push?

  9. i watch ur intro 17 times and plz reply

  10. Ash, should th10 go up to Masters 3 to farm? I think th10s will get destroyed by other th10s and th11s

  11. For th9 farming DE right now, what league/army comp would you recommend?
    Great content and thanks again ash!

  12. nice viedo. would u still use the same army if ur aq or both heroes r upgrading?

  13. your content is so so helpful, thanks man

  14. can u show us how to cook up this troop combo? loving the th10 content

  15. Love watching your videos …..
    jag here the leader of the clan sang hunters

  16. i love u bro