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Clash Of Clans: TH11 | BEST Clan War Base Layout (With GW and Eagle Artillery) – Dawn 11

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  1. Looks great! I think I'll be using it, expect feedback soon 🙂
    keep it up n0el, cheers ;)

  2. Oh mate one thing – on my own designs i'm trying to core the spring traps, so that they flipper off the skeletons. Wdyt?

  3. I havent done the math, but i'd like to ask – is the core anti-queen? ie can the queen shoot the town hall without hopping the core wall?

  4. Finally a TH11 base from you! 😀

    Here's my take after hours of researhc and development on my own TH11 design – the anti-2 usual idea of a "high dps core" is dead.

    Under the old meta people would design a TH core with tesla farms, infernos, xbows. I think this meta is DEAD.

    The higher DPS you have in the core, the higher value the warden becomes. The more you protect your town hall – the stronger you make the enemy's attack.

    After a fashion, it almost makes anti-2 style bases somewhat dead.Right now, pathing and funneling is probably key. if you can somehow keep troops away from the core then your th will be safe. But as soon as any troop enters your core – and most probably more than one – pop warden and boom th will most likely go down. Unless you can somehow make the 50 difficult, that is.

  5. Dawn 11 – LATEST Clan War base layout for TH11 with the new GRAND WARDEN and EAGLE ARTILLERY!!!