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Clash Of Clans: TH11 | BEST Farming Base Layout (With GW and Eagle Artillery) – Windmill 11

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  1. NOel you are unable to farm due to the new CoC update, I just don't want you to waste your time building these bases.

  2. I really dont know how your channel is so unnoticed, its amazing. With your intro, you should really make a fast one with loud music

  3. Besides the warden off in la la land, i love it! Been waitin for TH11 bases man. Super excited when i saw you post this. Keep it up! -Non stop supporter:)

  4. Thanks Noel , I've been waiting for this video:)

  5. OMFG – Hello (song)

  6. Warden should be centralized because it gives all objects in its range a HP increase on defense, that means more DPS needed to get all your DE, your town hall, take down your xbows and heros etc.

    Besides that, I like it Noel.

  7. nice man :)!

  8. Faz um layout de farme para cv10 com o centro da vila para dentro por favor

  9. th9 version pls!!!

  10. you should make a th10 hybrid base

  11. nice base lay-out noel this base i like a lot, can you make this base for th10..tnx.

  12. 69th view :D

  13. Tô.OP Likee, Nicee 😉

  14. nice base design hope more for

    Town Hall 11 farming and war base

    and keep up the good work ?

  15. Sorry for the lack of uploads lately, will resume regular video uploading now!!! Thanks all for the continuous support!!! :D

  16. first

  17. LATEST farming base layout for TH11 with the new GRAND WARDEN and EAGLE ARTILLERY!!!