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Clash of Clans – TH11 Clan wars – Queen Walk for 3 stars

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  1. The credit Scene… Was That The Legend Of the Last Lava Pup

  2. I have found the truth

  3. Hey Spencer, would love to see a war between ground and air troops AGAIN.
    Will it be possible ?

  4. New background music?

  5. Is that monody I hear spence?

  6. GO ATHENA!! Awesome job hassle!

  7. Please subscribe

  8. Witches aren't the only way… Use three lightning and one quake and the rest rage and haste and use queen walk to take out cc queen and at least two ad and the rest is a lvaloonian…watch clash with cam he can show u also u might want to take out the eagle artillery with the queen walk

  9. hi Spencer, do you have any th10 member in your clan that doesnt have xbows and infernos? im at max th9 with lvl9 and some lvl10 walls, tih decent hero levels. i just want to proceed to th10 without building xbows and infernos (want to take out th9s for overkill?), will you share some layouts of th10s without xbows and infernos. ty in advance

  10. Do a queen and all max healers *filled armycamps with healers max

  11. Dammit spencer after that first raid when the new screen went away I thought my iPad was falling over and spilled my yogurt on accident… Great video tho

  12. Spencer23$! great video man, I'm a big fan of LP!

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  14. Hi spencer

  15. shadow fire nice attack!!!!!

  16. hello

  17. Smashing vid, Spencer!

  18. just noticed the song

  19. 5th comment

  20. first to like

  21. hi nice video

  22. wow so early

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