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Clash of Clans | Th11 – EVOLUTION of GoVaPe Part 2 – Lv 13 Warden & Level 4 Valkyries

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  1. Hi Ed. Great video. This actually got me back into using Valks in raids. Can this same strategy work with lower level heroes? 27/28/13?

  2. play hard vou indicado pror

  3. mostra vc atacando Brasileiros Ed!

  4. play hard

  5. Heh, hyvin alkaa olla jo noissa höökeissä muumit laaksossa :D

  6. nice attacks dude!!! at last valks are back! :)

  7. Hey Ed. My th8 def is maxed(Only walls left).Can I join ur clan?☺

  8. nice one

  9. Ed can you try an evolution with bowlers =) would be good to see with golem and pekka

  10. Valks are so op?

  11. EdDaNub™

  12. Keep putting out awesome content Ed. Luv your personality & attitude.  Manuel gave good advice btw.

  13. just an observation Ed, if you pop the king ability then then Warden's ability you'll have more troops on the field that are protected while your valks are wrecking the base. I say this because thats what i do on my attacks and it seems to help protect the valks more as well, even if its just for a split second. Great vids man, keep on clashing!!

  14. Brasil….É NÓS

  15. great fan