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Clash of Clans TH11 rusher gets wrecked DON’T RUSH TH11!

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  1. Still gonna do it (>-<)
    <( )>

  2. Listen buds …rushed or not I always got attacked anyways , I have rushed and not rushed account and they equally get attacked when the right person come along prepared .. I prefer to rush because I get more to loot with and the new upgrades and my base always looks more upgraded then those who wait…plus your just going to do all that work for them to make a new fucken level anyways what are you gunna take it to your grave ? No… I'm th 11 and my friends who didn't rush can't even 2 star my base so it's better then theirs who cares if I'm not the number one in the world lol Goodluck with that guys

  3. I'm a max th9 (except heroes which are level 13) at a th10 level with level 3 infernos with max th9 troops with lvl 5 golems and pekkas, everything is so expensive and farming for hours a day is boring now, so should i go to th11?

  4. Just a little message:

    The intro song is cald: "Cheat Codes" And is made by: "Nitro Fun"

  5. I have max heroes level 11 cannons and archer towers and all max air defense with level 8 wizard towers should I go to th 11 and all walls are level 8 with some at level 9 and one at level 11

  6. I rushed to TH7 and had like max TH5 deffece a but I got to max TH7

  7. What do you think about COC after a dating?

  8. Walls are the most important thing to upgrade

  9. I rushed to th-11 bro no way back

  10. I love you man