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Clash of Clans | TH11 Strategy GoBarch – DizzyDaGreatGemmer (InTheDark) Hits Legends OMG

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  1. how old is that dizzy guy?

  2. wow so pro

  3. dude this shit was beast!!!!!!!!!!!!! gunna try this shit

  4. The new intro lol :D

  5. Diz is bae <3

  6. Y u always say haters no haters man thats is just a game !

  7. he will be in global #1 soon next season .. ??

  8. Please do a subs war for us in a temporary clan

  9. Yo

  10. What I love from this combo is how "cheap" it is to build! Great vid!

  11. wow nice Dizzy :)

  12. Crl Atk Brasil Team 2

  13. El Mejor clan de guerra: InTheDark <3

  14. jjjjjjjjjjjj exelente esos videos locos y diferentes, de ataques.

  15. Push de Barch, show!!

  16. dizzy is like warman, not human… a beast

  17. This technique already invented or first put Practiva " Brandon " lvl 355 COC and was the first is to do that

  18. Dizzy must be fat

  19. dizzy, what a bad ass you are….congratulations on ledgons, very deserving indeed…..keep them coming Ed, hates, go suck a dick!!!!?…….lol

  20. mano o cara faz push com barbaro e arqueira nossa

  21. alguem sabe pq ele coloca um print antigo do do rank ????

  22. You know your base is bad when you when you get 2 starred by barch in titans…lmfao

  23. He took my skill !

  24. All these sexy raid are making me dizzy!

  25. Nicee ????