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  1. They can easily 2s this base using air attack

  2. I've just defended with this Base, thanks for sharing. Btw i'm Shiquari ingame :3

  3. nice intro mate

  4. Great video!!! Keep up the great work!!! If you’re looking for any of the latest and greatest non copyrighted music for your future video check out my channel. All our music is free to use without getting a copyright strike.

  5. Nice base but first Def was 3 starred by air, im max th11 with only 2 wizard towers building to max and level 37 heros. queen and king were able to take out my queen air def and eagle before deploying air troops

  6. Nice base, im copying all your bases and i geting very good results even im a semi max th11, cheers from mexico and keep the good work

  7. Great video man, love your base designs. Also Is your clan accepting new members? :D

  8. I have found my preferred CC/Clan castle defense troops have been a mix!
    1 Baby Dragon, 1 Witch, 6 Minions 1 Archer.
    This base was tested @ 5700 to 5870 trophy's

  9. you are the best man, I love your videos. Congratulation!!!!

  10. Nice

  11. Thank you to everyone for the support during the year i appreciate it so much!
    3 days left in legend session, once the session is over I will concentrate on base designing. I have 6 awesome Town Hall 11 base designs locked and ready to go for next year! I am very impressed with the designs. Also have designs for th10`s th9`s th8`s th7`s ready to go on my mini accounts. Happy Clashing stay safe :)