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Clash of Clans TH2 vs TH9 Episode 59-Moving Higher

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  1. pls show your th2 whats up with him? :)

  2. Ur nearly Titan and Never saw an raid with Valkyries and Golems ?! Rly?!

  3. I requested to join your clan please let me join

  4. Nice vid again pt you should totally try my base design it's getting me multiple wins as a th9 in champions just search for kings sword and my name is ALEX I should be 4th in the clan ?

  5. What do you cv 2 in titan who ? Impossible

  6. Tô.OP Likee, Nicee 😉

  7. if i find ur base im place 1 barb so u get trophies :D

  8. Good job on the videos keep them up

  9. Nice Man U can get titan!!! also I'm tanki_soccernut16 and powellalex16 so yea

  10. 15th last comment from me

  11. 14th

  12. 13th

  13. 12th

  14. 11th

  15. 10th

  16. 9th

  17. 8th

  18. 7th

  19. And 6th

  20. And 5th