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Clash of Clans TH2 vs TH9 Episode 60-Almost Champion 1

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  1. pelican what caln is ur th3 titan in ?

  2. Peli 🙂 I'm loading… I'm in your clan 🙂 I love you ❤️❤️

  3. Hi my user name is jaski ,can I join ur clan????????????? M a semi upgraded th9

  4. i dont mind the 3hour sesions the only thing i want is th sniping back i get hitted every defence like 300k and 3k dark :(

  5. PelicanTacos why you dont use 8 dragons, 4loons, 3/4 wallbreakers ,1 golem (for heroes)? Is so easy to push

  6. Can you and you friends help me get to 2000 trophies or more/less I have 373 (about to be in bronze (400)) My COC Name is TH_SNIPER_34

  7. what clan is his th2 or what used to be his th2 in?

  8. ele é foda Hu3 br

  9. oi

  10. this isn't a th2 you view whore

  11. And first

  12. Hi I'm a th9 pusher I'm struggling at 3500

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