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Clash of Clans | TH6 Farming Base | 2 Air Defenses | Hybrid Base Layout [New Loot Cart Update 2016]

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  1. Jaso, I really like your vids
    Plz make more if you can
    And plz give me tips for what is should upgrade first at th9
    My town hall just finished upgrading to th9

  2. Great base! I have the picture for my Dual Wing if you still want to feature it. I like the idea of an outside cc since it's lurable anyways and the th6 base is quite small so it's coverage is fine. Great work and as always, glhf!
    (BTW Where is your main? I didn't find it in Youtube General)

  3. no offence but I think that higher TH's do lower TH base layouts to show off

  4. Yo and you make a th9 sort of anti 2 star base? Looking on your channel I've only really seen an anti 3 one, I know it's alot to ask for but I've just upgraded to th9 like few weeks ago and have most of my upgrades on par with everything else, but I don't want to give away 2 stars with an anti 3 base because the people I'm vs in war aren't even good enough to 3 star me on almost any base, so a base dedicated to that seems unnecessary

  5. Great base Jaso!

  6. Duda every single one of your videos is useful to me ? my mini is a th6 ? lol

  7. war base and hibryd base th9 plisssss, thanksss

  8. hybrid 6

  9. Epic video Jaso in going to use this base can't wait for the war one keep it up

  10. + Clash of clans – Jaso can you answer? :)

  11. I am in Clash of clans now… pls

  12. We had a diel…

  13. Pls? :)

  14. want to join

  15. Hey Jaso can you open the clan NOW PLS i

  16. @clash of clans jaso Make pls th8 farming new update

  17. great video as always jaso keep up the good work :)

  18. I would like to See a trophy base th7 (3 air defense)

  19. IM EARLY AGAIN !!!


  21. nice vid again?

  22. YayNew Vedio

  23. fist again