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Clash of Clans – TH7 Defence Base (Town Hall 7 Trophy Base) 2016 + Replays

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  1. سينج شارب شاي تي

  2. View that there is the update it faudrais show another village TH7 3 AA from the TH8

  3. pls th 6 base 2 AİR DEFENCER!!!!

  4. Always ahead of others! Christ! +sub

    Any chance on war base with 3 AD?

  5. jack can you make a anti drag base with 3 ad

  6. Hi guys, for the new update, replace the 3 air sweeper with the 3rd ad, ill make the new one soon

  7. can you do a th7 base the new update just added a third air defense

  8. make a new video, 3rd Air defence is now available for th7.

  9. Town hall 7.5 please

  10. sorry but,bad base,i have very good)

  11. can u make a th7 farming base after

  12. Haha jack , you gotta make a th7 with 3 ad's now 🙂 , and th6 with 2 too :)

  13. th 7.5 pls

  14. ?،?

  15. lovely

  16. Good one, i am sure it will never defeat with Th7's brain(experience)?

  17. help hybrid base war th 8 anti 3 star thanks

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  19. Good Base but this is an easy Dragon 3 Star

  20. ☺

  21. Me funciono crak like

  22. 56k subscribe good all your videos

  23. Keep up the good work