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Clash of Clans | TH7 War Base | New CoC Town Hall 7 Base with 3 Air Defenses [2016]

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  1. Epic th7 war base I'll try it out for myself and see how it goes u are the best Jaso keep it up

  2. Ur th9 bases aren't good u just worry about the cc it doesn't look good at all 🙁 trying making th9 bases like general Tony does

  3. Thanks, Like ^^ :)

  4. pleas make a anti3 star bais for th8 war

  5. I just turned th8, was a th7 remember haha.. But can u do more th8's pushing :)

  6. Make th9 bases

  7. I like that tesla troll hahaha

  8. can do a th8 farming base for dark elixer

  9. I need a town hall 8 farming base

  10. thanks nice southern teaser base

  11. Ty a lot :DDD

  12. actually i only notice a few of the coc youtubers reply to comments. amongst them include u. Keep it up.

  13. Aha! I nade a mistake, I'll send req in ur clan when is open…

  14. yes thanks jaso

  15. How I can meet 'em?

  16. I'm almost maxed th8

  17. Clash of clans JASO- Can I join ur clan pls?

  18. th9 war base

  19. Jaso can you make hybrid base for th8 I know you have many of them but I need another please?

  20. heyyyy jaso how r y my friend?
    also nice vid

  21. it said i was the first like,Yeah. also i think you deserve way more subs

  22. U there, I need u

  23. Hey Jaso :p