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Clash of Clans – Th8.5 Farming Base – Th11 December Update

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  1. I know you are getting a lot of requests :D, but can you make a war base with these exact same structures??

  2. Great video! thumbs up and a new subscriber!

  3. TBH amazing base! If you can could you do one for th7?

  4. The support i'm getting is amazing ! Thanks a lot everyone you really made my day ! Appreciate it !:D

  5. Nice video man! :)

  6. hey I was wondering if you could make a farm base for 8.5 with th8 defenses, queen, extra walls and traps. basically no new stuff except queen and walls.

  7. Hey! I like it 🙂 nice! Maybe if you want you can subscribe my channel and I will subscribe you back!!!(sub will be proceed in24 hours)

  8. make more vids! :)