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Clash of clans – TH8.5 War base 2016 – Include Queen, Air defense, traps and teslas

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  1. are there extra walls

  2. Thank you mate u are the best!!!!

  3. Jack, I challenge you to make a Th8.25 War Base, jk i just really want you to make a th8.25 anti 3 star war base for me lol, the interpretation of "th8.25" is up to you

  4. причём тут тх 8 если все предметы на 9тх и по 4 хранилищя

  5. This base is an easy 2 star man….

  6. Which programm do you use for your intro? Thank you?

  7. Algum br aqui? se tiver me explica pq th8.5? e porque ele nao colocou todas as construcoes

  8. برنامج يعطيك جواهر مجانية مجرب اكثر من مرة رابط التحميل

  9. Jack what is better 8.5 or 8.75??

  10. Th9 War base plz??

  11. likee you creat th9 base anti 3 stars? please :)

  12. I needed the last archer tower and wizard tower in the base build but nevertheless it was a nice base

  13. Thank you

  14. Thanx in advance sir… Really appreciate..this is real th8.5 just like I need it

  15. Could you make an 8.5 farming base only including the new queen, storages and traps? No more walls or other defenses than TH8? TYVM IN ADVANCE :D

  16. thanks i needed th8.5 base ?

  17. Can you please do an 8.5 farming base?(no xbows)

  18. nice base bro.. make a base th9 proteck DE pls.. ?

  19. this th9 ? we want th 8 pleass !!

  20. th8 anti 3 star war base pls ???

  21. ??

  22. the queen? !?

  23. f-finally!! thanks jack!

  24. I like you