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Clash of Clans – TH8 Anti Dragon Defense Base with Air Sweeper Speed Build

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  1. this will help me Thnx clasher hope your channel doesn't get taken down

  2. Grats on 30k :D

  3. Sorry but this is not a good base.. Way to compact. I could easy tree star this with dragons. But no hate next time make more spread out bases. Plus the townhall does not need to be in the middle because it only matters if they 3 star

  4. Hey man, i just wanted to tell you that your intro has a serious problem with dancing, teach that thing man

  5. liked ;-)

  6. I hope you guys enjoyed this Clash of Clans TH8 Anti Dragon Defense Base Speed Build! Lets shoot for 50+ likes! #ClashofClans

  7. This base doesn't look good but nice vid

  8. Nice intro

  9. Thx for new bace

  10. Thanks man so much! I'm a Town Hall 8 and I couldn't find any good base layouts, when I made this one I won my first two defences! Thanks man so much! Also you're my favorite youtuber and I love your content!


  12. 30k lolol

  13. congrats on 30k man

  14. Hey MrClasher, I've been watching your videos for a while now like about idk a year idk but My channel hadn't been growing and I really need help and I have tried everything, Mu channel is gaining no subscribers and I am stuck at this amount! 😐 So I was wondering if you could help me or give me a shoutout because I would appreciate anything that helps me gain!

  15. Nice townhall build!

  16. 3 lightning one earthquake center and 2 air d already donpwn.

  17. FIRST again!

  18. First!

  19. 2nd?

  20. nice vid bro!