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Clash of clans Th8 Best War Base [ ANTI 3 STAR ] ANTI Dragon ANTI Hog New Update 2016

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  1. are you sure this war base anti gowipe, gowiho fellow townhall 8 attack?

  2. lol.. hogs and goho will rape this base.. meet me in war and ill show you how to walk in the park on this layout…

  3. Hello friends ! We always try to create the best basis according to your requests in the comments to see our video. We expect you to contribute ideas and suggestions to us better. We sincerely thank you for subscribing and like our videos recently. thank you very much !

  4. see a lot of your base. But I often see the facility as th8 and th9. But I'm using TH7 should hope you can give me creative TH7 basis. thank you !

  5. Tốt cho cơ sở này :)

  6. I thank you for giving me a great th8 basis. I will apply your base. thank you !

  7. If you adjust the position of some of the weapons will be better.

  8. 私はあなたの施設が大きいと言うことができます!ありがとう

  9. Bạn có thể để bom kép thì chống heo tốt hơn cho cơ sở này . Nhưng nhìn chung là rất tốt khi bạn thực hiện cơ sở này .

  10. Mình thấy cơ sở th8 này chủ yếu phòng thủ rồng phải không bạn ?

  11. Nice base <3

  12. Hello ! I see your base against the dragons very well and I will apply your base. Attackers I used the dragon and I will apply this facility. thank you !

  13. 我觉得,对龙你的基地只是独自一人,但难以应对猪是3星。