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Clash of Clans | TH8 DE Farming Base | Best CoC Town Hall 8 Defense [2016 TH8 Base]

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  1. #2016DarkBase Nice work Jaso! You held off many attackers from touching your dark with this base! (gonna need it at th9) Just wondering, did you get hit by any th9s, and did you consider making the defence at the bottom stronger? Other than that, awesome work and always looking forwards to more 🙂 As always, glhf!

  2. Or th8 anti three star

  3. Can we have an th8 trophy Base?

  4. #2016DarkBase

  5. #2016DarkBase

  6. Congrats on th10

  7. Definitely gonna try it out looks good

  8. can you bring more farming baises pls because I am do farming

  9. I have look the video and after that I've have build this bais

  10. Can you get a mike and face reveal for me ohh and plz attack ?

  11. It s possible you build a th9rush #jaso

  12. hi can you jaso make a th 7 good base plz

  13. jaso th8 hypred base for pushing to master prefer to be closed not open like the th8 master league trophy please think for this suggest and thanks for your perfect bases

  14. Good! LIKE!!!

  15. nice base!!

  16. thanks Cason it is a nice bais you are a good youtuber

  17. This looks like my base a lot lol. but more fatter XD

  18. great base as always

  19. Jaso,can you make a th8 anti drag war base?

  20. #2016darkbase

  21. #2016DarkBase

  22. привет

  23. круто

  24. #2016darkbase ??

  25. A War Base For Th8 Please Love This Farming Base :)

  26. (y) C:

  27. Jaso thanks your base is perfect,you realiced base to th8 perfects!!!!

  28. Can u make a th7 de base? Thank you! Great base btw!

  29. #2016DARKBASE

  30. epic video keep it up

  31. Well … there is another great video thanks

  32. #2016DarkBase

  33. Make replays of ur base th9

  34. A failed design Since the discount can Taking me star

  35. Plz Th 7 farming

  36. Great base Jaso, really needed a good th8 base, thanks ?????

  37. YES THANK YOU I NEEDED A TH8 BASE!!! It's me BurnFaze if you ever remembered seeing me. :)

  38. #2016DarkBase

  39. Clash of clans-Jaso can you tell me where i can get free legal nocopyright music for my videos

  40. comentatoo numero 16

  41. 58th view and 8th like

  42. Have you been playing Clash Royale?

  43. thanks finally im Tapio Lielahti i accidentaly changed my name i was plaing with the name change i did not know you can change it only 3 times every 90 days :D. I will change it back rigth as i can